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Plugin Catalog - minting

These plugins are used when you create a new distribution with dzil new.

DistINIby RJBS(also tagged: core)

This plugin produces a bare-bones dist.ini file in a new dist. You probably want to use a dist.ini template along with GatherDir::Template instead of this.

GatherDir::Templateby RJBS(also tagged: core, file-gatherer, template)

This subclass of GatherDir feeds the gathered files through Text::Template.

It is meant to be used when minting dists with dzil new, but could be used in building existing dists, too.

Git::Initby JQUELIN(also tagged: git, version-control)

This plugin initializes a Git repository when a new distribution is created with dzil new.

TemplateModuleby RJBS(also tagged: core, template)

This is a ModuleMaker used for creating new Perl modules files when minting a new dist with dzil new.

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