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Plugin Catalog - prereqs

These plugins deal with your distribution's prerequisites. Most of them are PrereqSource plugins, which specify the prerequisites.

AutoPrereqsby JQUELIN(also tagged: core)

This plugin will attempt to determine your distribution's prerequisites automatically by scanning your files using Perl::PrereqScanner.

CheckPrereqsIndexedby RJBS(also tagged: before-release)

This plugin will check every required package against the CPAN index to ensure that they're all real, installable packages. If any are unknown, it will prompt the user to continue or abort. This is especially useful if you're using AutoPrereqs, as it can be a little overzealous on occasion.

Conflictsby DROLSKY(also tagged: install, metadata)

This plugin lets you declare conflicts with other modules (usually dependencies of your module) in your dist.ini.

Prereqsby RJBS(also tagged: core)

This plugin allows you to declare your distribution's prerequisites in your dist.ini.

RecommendedPrereqsby CJM

This plugin will look for special comments that specify suggested or recommended prerequisites. It's intended as a companion to AutoPrereqs, which can only determine required prerequisites.

RemovePrereqsby RJBS(also tagged: core)

This will remove any mention of specified modules from your distribution's prerequisites. This is useful for eliminating incorrectly detected prereqs.

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