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Plugin Catalog - version-provider

VersionProvider plugins decide what version number the distribution being built will use. It is possible to use multiple VersionProvider plugins, but only one can return a version during any given build.

AutoVersionby RJBS(also tagged: core)

This provides a version number derived from the current date. You should consider using a newer plugin like Git::NextVersion instead, because the versions generated by this plugin are hard for people to read and compare.

Git::NextVersionby JQUELIN(also tagged: git, version-control)

This provides a version number by finding the last version number from your Git tags and incrementing it using Version::Next.

VersionFromModuleby CJM(also tagged: version)

This extracts the version number from the main module, just like MakeMaker does with VERSION_FROM or Module::Build does with dist_version_from. Useful if you want to manually manage your distribution's version.

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