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Plugin Catalog - version

These plugins deal with version numbers in some fashion.

OurPkgVersionby XENO(also tagged: file-munger, version-insert)

Insert a version number wherever a special comment is found:



    our $VERSION = '1.234'; # VERSION

PkgVersionby RJBS(also tagged: core, file-munger, version-insert)

Insert a version number after each package statement in the form

      $Your::Package::VERSION = '1.234';

SurgicalPkgVersionby ROKR(also tagged: file-munger, version-insert)

This subclass of PkgVersion ignores files unless they have an abstract or a comment indicating that PkgVersion should process them.

VersionFromModuleby CJM(also tagged: version-provider)

This extracts the version number from the main module, just like MakeMaker does with VERSION_FROM or Module::Build does with dist_version_from. Useful if you want to manually manage your distribution's version.

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